mizaru values

at mizaru, we cherish the following four values:





we believe being fair and value each other is the key to happiness. mizaru fancy powder is made in Bavaria with German efficiency and has sustainable packages made from wood, which can be refilled. Overall, we are producing as sustainable as possible while guaranteeing first-class quality. mizaru addicted apparel is made in Portugal contributing a fair payment and work environment to our European partners. we only use recycled plastic bags to keep our planet clean.



we believe everyone on our beloved planet is equal and has the right to pursuit happiness. our mizaru clients are international, and living in the four corners of the world. Everyone is unique to us, and has a story to tell. 



we believe in continuously learning. at mizaru we are challenging the status quo every day. we continuously improving and exploring our mizaru portfolio for you. 



we believe life is too short to live someone else’s life. At mizaru everyone is following a passion believing in socialhappiness. we are in love with details, because without them life would be senseless. At mizaru we design everything with love. 

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