Design is my passion

Bella Italia. Especially, the north of Italy is beautiful. I am from a small place called Bassano del Grappa, an ancient Italian city in the mountains, close to Venezia. We are known for having the best Grappa in the whole world. As a youngster, my uncle once took me to Milano to visit a designer show. I was fascinated by the dynamic and creativity of the people. Quite a colorful experience. Thinking back, I guess that designer show opened my eyes. Design became my calling. In High School I designed a few things with paper, and a bit later I did my first projects with wood and metal. One day, I heard about mizaru. Very happy I could support the team and bring in Italian design. Made me feel close to home, even if I am living with my wife in Africa. The mizaru logo is unique. I am proud of the result. Every time I look at the little monkey it puts a smile on my face. My name is Corrado Disegna and design is my passion.

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