mizaru story

mizaru | born on a pool party


The idea of mizaru was born on a warm summer day after a great pool party. Instantly we knew that there was something missing, something unique the world has not yet seen, felt, heard or tasted yet. we started by asking ourselves why are we doing mizaru and it became very clear to us:


mizaru | we believe in socialhappiness

Life is worth living if you share it with real people, while enjoying the moment: be happy, share happiness, be open for positive moments, new communities, and friendships. Everything we do at mizaru is committed to this feeling, this attitude towards life: socialhappiness.


mizaru | one of the three wise monkeys

we learned in school the best designers are from Italy. This is why the mizaru logo is created by Corrado Disgena, an Italian designer who has been working for international brands in Venezia and Milano. In the style of the three wise monkeys, the brand mizaru represents “only see good” and “look positively towards the future”. 


mizaru | first-class from Switzerland & made in Bavaria

To find the final ingredients and right consistency we needed experts. Over two years mizaru fancy powder was developed with the help of scientists in Switzerland and in Germany. We had various rounds of tasting and adjusting the secret recipe in our laboratory. Our test group was n=100. 

mizaru is a first-class fancy powder developed in Switzerland and made in Bavaria with German efficiency and quality, while only using local vegan ingredients. mizaru is officially registered by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety in Germany & verified by lawyer Dr. Andreas Reinhart.



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