About mizaru

mizaru | we believe in socialhappiness

The idea of mizaru was born two years ago on warm summer day after a great pool party. We knew instantly that there was something missing, something unique the world has not yet seen, felt, heard or tasted yet. We started by defining our purpose why we are doing mizaru & it became very clear to us: at mizaru, we believe in socialhappiness & socialhappiness is the umbrella of everything we do.

mizaru | one of the three wise monkeys

We learned in school the best designers are from Italy. This is why the mizaru logo is created by Corrado Disgena, an Italian designer who has been working for international brands in Venezia and Milano. In the style of the three wise monkeys, the brand mizaru represents “only see good” and “look positively towards the future”. 

mizaru fancy powder | your perfect cocktail for body, mind and soul

Like Breaking Bad we started to mix in our little kitchen and tried to find the right ingredients for your fancy powder. We needed the help of professionals to create the perfect mizaru fancy powder for you. Over two years mizaru fancy powder was developed with the help of scientist in Switzerland in Germany. In those two years we had many rounds of tasting and adjusting the secret recipe. Our test group was n=100.

We decided to produce mizaru fancy powder in Bavaria, to ensure to have highest quality and German efficiency. mizaru fancy powder is a vegan supplement of vitamins, minerals and herbs & mizaru fancy powder is full of important ingredients like Vitamin B6, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Please note: A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

mizaru fancy powder | easy to take

mizaru fancy powder was designed in a way you would love to take it. miza one is small, only 5 x 6 cm, and fits easy in your pocket, jacket or wallet. Don’t get fooled by the size: mizaru fancy powder is full of important vitamins, minerals and herbs. Just put your miza one directly on your tongue after a long day in the office, doing sports or while being out dancing with your friends. mizaru fancy powder will bubble nicely on your tongue. We even put a special herb in mizaru fancy powder which the Romans used to take after their orgies 2000 years ago. We guarantee you, you will love your mizaru fancy powder.

mizaru addicted apparel | feels like heaven on your skin

Like the three wise monkeys three friends went to Portugal with the mission to create outstanding mizaru apparel for you. We designed a unique cut including many hidden little details into the shirts. 100% cotton in miza ms. white, miza mr. black & mr. miza white make our shirts so smooth, you will get addicted to them. Please wash them inside out, so they will stay smooth. 

Watch out not to get addicted to this cap! miza headdicted is an exquisite black cap, 100% cotton, real stick of yarn, as well as many hidden details. miza headdicted is designed in Germany.

mizaru | we cherish our values: Fairness, Uniqueness, Cleverness and Keenness. 

we believe being fair and value each other is the key to happiness. mizaru addicted apparel is made in Portugal contributing a fair payment and work environment to our European partners. we only use recycled plastic bags to help to keep our planet clean. mizaru fancy powder is made in Bavaria with German efficiency and has sustainable packages made from wood, which can be refilled. Overall, we are producing as sustainable as possible while guaranteeing first-class quality.

we believe everyone on our beloved planet is equal and has the right to pursuit happiness. our mizaru clients are international, living in the four corners of the world. Everyone is unique to us & everyone has a story to tell. Please share your socialhappiness with our mizaru community, we love to hear your stories.

we believe in continuously learning. at mizaru we are challenging the status quo every day. we continuously improving and exploring our mizaru portfolio for you. 

we believe life is too short to live someone else’s life. at mizaru everyone is following a passion believing in socialhappiness. we are in love with details, because without them life would be senseless. we give you our word: at mizaru we design everything for you with love, period.

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